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Questions with a Chandler: Jasmine

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Meet Jasmine, one of our Chandlers from Candlefish Atlanta!

We already know how awesome she is, and now you can too! We asked her a few questions and here's what she had to say: 
1. Tell us about a day in the life of you!
A day in the life of me (outside of being a Chandler) consists of checking out local art shows/events, daily writing and cuddling with my dog and rabbit.
2. What is your Go To Library Fragrance?:
 I have so many favorites depending on my mood but No. 40 never fails to take me to a happy place.

3. Most underrated/favorite restaurant in Atlanta:
Jake's Ice Cream. They have the most divine blueberry basil sorbet. 
4. Most likely to… 
Disappear during a break or hide out in a corner. I love socializing but alone time throughout the day is essential for my well-being. 
5. Share one thing about being a Chandler that is surprising:
I fall in love with a new fragrance almost everyday. And if I don't love a fragrance initially, I find that if I'm open, I come to appreciate it later.
6. Best advice you’ve ever received:
Personal: Don't resist change. Professional: Hire people who's strengths are your weakness.


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