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Public Workshops

Want to learn more about our public workshops?

We host public candle making classes every day of the week. Keep reading to learn more, and click the button in the bottom right corner of your screen to book a workshop!

Get lit with us at our signature Candlefish BYOB candle making workshop! Our amazing chandlers will teach you the ins and outs of candle making, guide you through our fragrance exploration, and help you make two 9oz candles. Candles set overnight with us and will be ready to pick up as early 10am the following day. Not local? We got you! We can ship your candles for a flat rate. Glassware, bottle openers, and water are provided, and class goers get 15% off the store on the day of the workshop. So grab a bottle of bubbly or a pack of your favorite brews, and meet us in our workshop! 

Workshop Policies

Register in advance to guarantee your seats
Ages 15 and up 
Pick up candles next day or ship for a flat rate
Time frame - One and a half hours
Capacity - Up to 12 people