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Candlefish was opened in October 2014 at 71 Wentworth St. in Charleston, SC by the experienced candle makers who created Rewined Candles. Our Chandlers (candle makers) are experts in all things candles.

We are now proud King Street tenants and can be found at 270 King Street in Charleston. Visit us on King, join a candle making workshop, and tour our candle Library! 


Our shops feature a 100 Candle Library, 100 unique scents curated for every candle lover out there. You won't find fragrance notes on our candle labels (yes, it's true!) and this is intentional. The purpose here is for the fragrance to come first when deciding what you love or don't, instead of the notes we've listed or the packaging or the vessel. We simply give each candle a number, #1-100, and our chandlers memorize a coding system to help you find your candle soulmate(s). 

All of our candles are poured either by hand in store or at our facility in Charleston, South Carolina, using 100% soy wax and only the best quality fragrance and natural oils.

Select DISCOVER on the homepage to go through our virtual Library tour, or click LIBRARY to browse all 100 scents!

We aim to share our illuminating experiences of candle-making through scent, touch, and sight. Instilling memories both old and new, Candlefish is an inspiration destination.