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Questions with a Chandler: Brooke

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Meet Brooke, one of our Candlefish Chandlers here in Charleston. 


1. Tell us about a day in the life of you! I usually hit the snooze button at least twice, sometimes three times (total guilty pleasure). Weekdays, I head either to Slate Studios at the Cigar Factory or to Candlefish depending on where I am working that day! In addition to being a Chandler, I work part-time as an assistant with local artist, Lulie Wallace, who shares a studio space with several other artists in town. I can't tell you how incredible it is to watch the m all create! After work, I'll head back to the house and my husband, Ryan, usually has some amazing meal planned for dinner! Ideally, I will soak in a bubble bath and watch a good movie before bed. Weekends, I love a sun-filled beach day! Dinner out or in with friends and card games to end the night.


2. What is your Go To Library Fragrance?: No. 40- I love the floral notes of lavender and rose mixed with leather! It's perfectly masculine with a touch of femininity. 


3. Most underrated/favorite restaurant in Charleston: My favorite restaurant is always changing in Charleston, but I am currently obsessed with Little Jack's! It has a charmingly dreamy atmosphere and a damn good burger! 


4. Favorite place in Charleston to find inspiration and good sniffs: I feel most inspired in Charleston whenever I can take a bike ride. I make observations that I normally wouldn't if I was driving in my car. It makes me truly appreciate this city and the people in it. There is nothing like riding under the old oak trees in Hampton Park! I also like to bike and watch the sunset at our neighborhood dock. The smell of the marsh and salt water remind me of home.


5. Most likely to… bust a move on the dance floor! I did ballet for 18 years with a sprinkle of jazz and hip-hop. 


6. Share one thing about being a Chandler that is surprising: It always surprises me what different fragrances smell like to different people! Listening to how people connect with certain candles is fascinating. Smell can trigger a variety of emotions and memories in different people, so it becomes a very personal choice when choosing a candle!


7. Best advice you’ve ever received: A letter from a dear friend on our wedding day wrote this verse, 1 Corinthians 16:14, "let everything you do be done in love".




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