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Questions with a Chandler: Barb

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Meet Barb, our superstar Atlanta Retail Manager. 


1. Tell us about a day in the life of you
I start my day with a cup of coffee before anything, usually watching the news and getting ready for my day. If it’s a day at the shop I do a little bit of everything! I could be making candles in the morning, teaching classes at night, or helping out with in store events all while keeping the store looking fresh.Outside of Candlefish you can catch me at Piedmont Park playing volleyball, going for a run around town, or hiking the mountains in North Georgia. Unless it's raining, then I'll be home baking fresh sourdough bread!


2. Most underrated restaurant in Atlanta
Most underrated restaurant in ATL might be West Egg cafe... I go on a weekly basis with one of my best friends and they never disappoint. Shoutout to the pulled pork breakfast wrap, who doesn't love a combination of BBQ and Breakfast?


3. Go-to Library Fragrance
My go-to is no. 70 with fragrance notes of rosewood, pink pepper, cardamom, and tonka bean its the perfect scent to relax with or to make your friends feel welcome in your home!
No. 70: Notes of rosewood, pink pepper, cardamon and tonka bean 


4. Most likely to...
try to sing along with a song I don't know any of the words to.


5. Share one thing about being a chandler that's most surprising
The most surprising thing about being a chandler is how specific some fragrance requests can be! My favorite request so far has been for a candle that smells like... old books. ( no. 31 in the library was the closest with notes of leather, lime, and amber!)  


6. Best advice you've ever received
"When life gives you lemonade, make lemons and life will be like 'whaaat?'" -Phil Dunphy

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  • Nicole : July 23, 2017

    I love Barb!! She’s the best! Thanks for introducing me to Candlefish, they are my new Fav!!

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