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The Candlefish Mobile Library



                                                     Add scent exploration to your wedding day! 

Candlefish has created a mobile scent library to allow your guests to explore their sense of smell in our Library of 100 fragrances. Our expert Chandlers (candle-makers) will guide your friends and family to a favorite fragrance to take home with them as a memento of your special day. The happy couple, bridal party & special family members will also have the chance to pick their favorite fragrances that will be highlighted as the signature scents of your wedding day.



All candles are 2.5 oz and hand-made in our Charleston, SC workshop with high quality, 100% soy wax and custom blended fragrances. This hands-on experience will be unlike anything you’ve experienced at other weddings and we’re delighted to bring it to you!

    Our Mobile Library is currently offered out of Charleston, SC and surrounding areas. To reserve the mobile library and learn more about pricing, please contact