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Charleston July 2023 Maker Break: The Mint Gardener & Candle-Making

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Join us for this exclusive class, book signing event, and candle making extravaganza. This is your invitation to paint, play, and smell! A mindful moment for you to fall in love with the flowing freedom of watercolor-and the beauty of watching paint and water dance along your pages.

After this class with Sarah, you will be skilled and knowledgeable, with the new ability to see and recreate the watercolor process, layer by layer. During your time together, you will learn the techniques Sarah uses for watercolor, and see how she
uniquely teaches the foundations of this art as a transferable and mindful skill. Sarah teaches you step-by-step in her NEW book,Watercolor Workbook: Flowers, Feathers & Animal Friends, and once you know how to paint a few flowing washes, that knowledge can be used to paint a fabulous project together from the book. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful artform. Once you work
through the foundations together, learn the steps to paint in her new book, together with Sarah. You will work on the pre-drawn template of the project in the book, so no drawing is required.



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