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Botanical Hurricanes

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We are over the moon excited to bring back our favorite fall seasonal class, botanical wax hurricanes! So what the heck is a botanical hurricane, you ask? Well, because we love our candle fans so much, we took a few moments to document the process of making these botanical creations just to give you a taste for what this class entails.  
Buckle up, it’s about to get real crafty in here!




We start by covering one (or two) of our beloved butcher block workshop tables with collected and foraged dried herbs, botanicals, florals, and berries. Got some dried flowers or pods drying out after all that summer gardening? Bring ‘em in!











Next we collect and trim up our favorites, a sprig of lavender here, a handful of hypericum berries there, maybe a little eucalyptus to top it off.


We then create our hurricane mold by placing a tall metal candle mold inside a wider mold. The space between the two molds will be filled with our botanicals, and then topped with hot paraffin wax. This is where we can get a little creative, and try out different ways to layer and pattern our botanicals. 


Time for the wax! We then carefully top the botanicals with hot paraffin wax. (We choose paraffin wax for this project because of its transparent nature when cooled, allowing the botanicals’ silhouette to shine through when illuminated.)

 You can also top off the wax with a few drops of essential oils,  just to make your hurricane extra special, then practice patience as these babies need a few hours to cool before being removed from the molds. 

Et Voila! Your botanical hurricane/neverending candle/flameless pillar is complete! After cooling for at least 6 hours, the hurricane can be removed from the mold and then illuminated using a small flame tea light, or even better an LED pillar or a small strand of fairy lights (hence the “never ending candle” handle.)

So are you in love yet? Want to make your own? Sign up today for a spot in one of our quickly filling Botanical Hurricane classes, you don’t want to miss it!

Want more behind-the-scenes candle workshop stories, DIY tutorials, and general creative living tips? Stay tuned for more from yours truly, Chandler Cat! Don’t forget to comment below, I would love to hear what else you are interested in learning about/how we can make your candle-making dreams come true!


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