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Questions with a Maker: Ink Meets Paper

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Year established: 2008

Guiding principle: empathy & kindness

Brand inspiration: everyday moments





What is your best creative advice?
Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. Remove the unnecessary. Keep pushing yourself to improve and refine.
What inspires you and your products?
There are few things in life that can universally elicit a smile and a feeling of being loved. Receiving a handwritten note in the mail is one of them.
Relationships are a big part of our inspiration— from relationships between people and the depth of the way they communicate with one another to the relationship of the materials that are brought together to create a meaningful writing experience. We want the products we make to support and inspire people to send more love and make the world more human, one note at a time.


What are you known best for doing? What are you good at, what do you suck at?
We’re known for our craftsmanship and attention to detail in our products. We love little details that make a big impact. Our signature envelope, with its hidden interior message, is one way we’ve incorporated a bit of the unexpected to the everyday.
Our line is known for hand-lettered and illustrated designs paired with unexpected details like printed envelope liners and brightly painted edges . We’re decidedly not snarky, and inspiration for our card sentiments comes from relationships (often our own and those close to us). Our company is a big proponent of the power of the handwritten note — we believe that with each note sent, the world receives a bit more love and humanity.


Bring back the snail mail. Surprise a friend with a thoughtful note on a letterpress card. 
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