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Designer: Jack Rudy

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About the brand: Jack Rudy is the great-grandfather of company creator, Brooks Reitz and is the inspiration behind all products. Jack Rudy was a well-known host, entertainer, imbiber, and adventurer. When creating new products, Brooks imagines peering into his great-grandfather’s bar cabinet many years ago and reinvents the classics. By looking to the past with an appreciation for heritage, he is able to ensure Jack Rudy products stay relevant for the future.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is a family run business based out of Charleston, SC and Lexington, KY. All products are crafted in the United States in small batches and distributed across the world to finer bottle shops, bars, restaurants and general fans of a delicious drink.

Details: The classic tonic syrup is essentially a quinine concentrate designed to pair with your favorite gin or vodka and is then stretched with soda water to make a bright, light, and refreshing highball. 

  • 17 oz. each
  • Makes what is quite perfectly the closet thing to a perfect Gin & Tonic

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