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Atlanta BYOV 2021 Bring Your Own Vessel Workshops

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After many requests, we are finally introducing a workshop to refill your favorite candle vessel! Loved your candle you made in one of our workshops? Have a favorite candle that just ran out? Have a favorite tea cup? Now you can bring it in and refill/re-purpose during our BYOB workshops!

Here is how the class will work:

  • Must Bring your own Vessel! Bring back your favorite Rewined, Candlefish, or any other candle vessel to refill with your favorite fragrance!
  • If you have a vessel or two at home you have always wanted to make into a candle, bring it in! Typically if it can hold boiling water, it can be a candle!
  • Please wash and clean out all vessels before class!
  • Each student will be given 16.2 ounces of 100% soy wax and 1.6 ounces of the fragrance oil of their choice to divvy up among your chosen vessels. For example, you could bring in 4-5 smaller vessels and make 4 oz candles, or use your wax to pour 2 larger 9 oz candles. It's up to you!
  • We will have a selection of wonderful fragrances from our Candlefish Library for you to choose from, each of your candles will share your chosen fragrance.
  • Candles cool over night & are ready for pick-up the next day!

Don't forget, all classes at Candlefish are BYOB and we have glassware here for you. All class participants receive 15% off purchases in-store!

See you in the workshop!

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