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Part Time Chandler (Atlanta)


Please send a resume and bit about yourself to . 

Atlanta, GA | Part-time, hourly

Overall Job Responsibilities:

  • Memorize all 100 Candlefish fragrances & lead all aspiring chandlers through fragrance exploration 
  • Work as an ambassador for all of the candle brands represented in Candlefish 
  • Guide customers to the perfect candle purchase
  • Handle customer transactions 
  • Provide a remarkable customer service experience 
  • Maintain Candlefish merchandising and cleanliness guidelines 
  • Create Candlefish Library candles, private label projects or other production needs 1-2 days per month
  • Represent Candlefish outside of the store at community events 
  • Teach at least 2-4 candle making classes per week, including large groups of up to 30 guests
  • Assist General Manager and/or assistant manager - with inventory management & merchandising

Role Expectations: 

  • Continuously take advantage of opportunities to improve your knowledge and the in-store experience: be forward thinking for yourself and the Candlefish business.
  • Be open to supporting team and store goals! Working holidays, nights & weekends as needed. Must be available two weekends per month at a minimum
  • Communicates clearly and effectively with management and fellow Chandlers on ways to improve and solve potential problems

What you’ll get out of all this:

  • A new quirky candle family who is there to support you, push you, and laugh with/at you
  • Opportunity to be a huge part of a very fast growing company, and the satisfaction that goes along with it
  • Candle + Class Discounts