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Candlefish Retail Assistant - Charleston, SC

Candlefish Retail Assistant
Full Time, Hourly
To Apply:  Please send a resume and a note about yourself to
What you’ll be doing:
Customer Service  
  • Leads floor shifts at least 3 times per week 
  • Teaches at least 1 candle making class per week 
  • Able to provide feedback and guidance to chandlers on customer service techniques and operational systems during retail shifts
  • Able to train new hires & current team members on our Candlefish Library, POS operations, and customer service standards 
  • Takes initiative to learn more about our third party merchandise products & continuously shares & educates staff
Inventory Management 
  • Assists in managing inventory for all retail supplies (i.e, shopping bags, receipt paper, shipping supplies, etc.)
  • Assists in maintaining accurate inventory numbers for all merchandise through consistent cycle counting 
  • Takes a weekly look at our negative inventory report
Shipping & Receiving 
  • Assists in accurately shipping out all candlefish products each week in a timely manner
  • Assists in accurately & effectively receiving & stickering all our retail supplies & third party merchandise 
Retail Support 
  • Can assist the Retail Manager with specific retail duties when necessary: 
    • Visual Merchandising projects
    • Placing purchase orders for merchandise and retail supplies
    • Helping coordinate in store events 
    • Can answer Retail operational questions for staff when Retail Manager is unavailable 
    • Able to submit proposals to Retail Manager for quarterly display tabletop and window plans
    • Help Retail Manager execute quarterly display plans
    • Helping to organize and maintain retail shelves in backroom, as well as the attic 
    • Helping to create fun new social media posts
  • Acts as Opening & Closing Managers when needed & scheduled 
  • You are considered an expert in all things Candlefish & have the ability to work independently on a floor shift, production shift, workshop teacher shift, etc. 
  • Maintain a flexible & open schedule (i.e. available to work nights, weekends, and holidays and flexible in which days scheduled)
  • Being a positive role model for other staff members 
  • Be the go to person for all product and workshop related questions on the floor 
  • Ability to solve problems independently & proactively 
  • Develop positive relationships with all Chandlers and Manager(s)
  • Maintain open, honest, and frequent communication with all Candlefish staff
  • Enjoys and is open to coaching and mentoring employees
  • Ability to jump into any Candlefish role if/when needed 
  • Uphold all Candlefish leadership guidelines 
  • Put Candlefish customers & employees first 
  • Participating in Candlefish off-site events when necessary 
What you'll get:
  • A new quirky candle family who is there to support you, push you, and laugh with/at you
  • The opportunity to expand your current skill set with loads of career advancing resources and a clear path for growth
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits and paid time off
  • Fully paid training period
  • Candlefish Perks & Discounts (duh!)