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Vintage Vessels Candle Class
If you’re anything like me, you’ve got an ever-growing collection of random thrift store treasures and antique mall finds that seem to creep their way into your home every other weekend. It’s easy to do in a city like Charleston where estate sales and flea markets are abundant and their collections of trinkets are promising! The question is, what to do with the oddly stacked piles of mismatched vintage teacups and mason jars? Well, if you ask any chandler (that’s the fancy name for a candle-maker) they will no doubt tell you the obvious answer: make a candle!!

The process is oh-so simple and ever so satisfying. Need proof? Come check out our favorite seasonal candle-making class at Candlefish: Vintage Vessel Candles (vessels are provided!). The class follows the same candle making process we use to make our signature Candlefish library candles, except we simply use an assortment of locally collected, previously loved vintage and retro containers as the candle vessels. Class participants choose from a selection of our 100 Candlefish Library fragrance blends, then measure 16 oz of 100% soy wax to blend with their chosen fragrance. Because every vessel will vary in diameter, our expert chandlers will guide you through choosing the correct size wick, and help you choose the right amount of vessels to fit all of your blended wax.  Then it’s just a matter of letting the wax cool to the ideal temperature, taking a deep breath, and pouring to perfection.
And just like that, your previously questionable collection of bottles, cups, and vessels is now transformed into deliciously scented soy wax candles that the whole house can enjoy. If you happen to be a crazy-cup-lady too (yes that’s a real thing), bring those vessels in! We can help you determine what will make a happy candle. And if not, no worries at all. Our chandlers have been busy collecting and there’s plenty of vessels to share.
How do YOU repurpose your collected vessel treasures? Share your brilliant ideas in the comments below, and be sure to sign up for the vintage vessel class while space is still available!  
See in in the workshop!
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