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Seven Scents to Lift your Mood

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Seven Scents to Lift Your Mood

Written by Chandler Cat


Summer heat got you feeling down? For many of us, extreme heat and humidity leave us feeling tired, drained,  and more likely to snap when your husband drinks the last La Croix. Believe it or not, fragrance can truly affect your mood for the better. Read on for some of our favorite scents to lift your mood, relieve stress, and fully enjoy the season.


1. Lavender 

Lavender, the very popular, one-size-fits all oil is used for so many things I can’t even list them all. It’s very soothing to the skin- I like to dilute it and apply it to sunburn  when I’ve been less-than-responsible with the sunscreen. As a scent, lavender oil can help calm your senses and ease anxiety. It is a natural stress reliever, and is a great night time scent that will help you catch more of those essential zzz’s.
O'Douds: Lavender
PF Candle Co: Lavender
Candlefish Library: No. 82
Voluspa: French Cade Lavender


2. Lemon

Citrus oils are great for summertime as their bright notes are uplifting and boost energy. Lemon oil is naturally purifying, it enhances mood, and can also provide relief for stress and anxiety. Don’t have a shot of espresso handy? Light a candle with notes of lemon or try an essential oil blend, it’s sure to wake you up and lift your spirits!
Sideshow Press: Charming Candle
Mer SeaCarena Striped Candle
Candlefish Library: No. 30


3. Bergamot

A personal favorite, natural bergamot oil (a light citrus fruit) can help improve the circulation of your blood, making it a natural mood enhancer. Bergamot is associated with thoughts of joy, freshness, and energy, and can even be used as an antidepressant on your not-so-cheery days.  Try a bergamot candle to relieve stress and anxiety, as this oil is known to reduce nervous tension. Yes, please!
Spitfire Girl: Cassiopeia Candle 
Paddywax: Hygge Bergamot and Mohogany


4. Lily

This summery floral is not only rich and intoxicating, it’s good for your brain, too! Regular use of Lily oil has been shown to strengthen brain cells and thought processing, therefore lifting your mood and improving memory. In aromatherapy, lily oil is used to treat depression and promotes feelings of modesty, happiness, and security.
Julep Candle Co: The Lily Filly
Volsupa: Mokara Candle


5. Orange Blossom 

Thinking about embarking on a new adventure but are overcome with a fear of messing up? Orange Blossom is great for reminding you to stay present and open the heart to reduce thoughts of self doubt and restriction. Also called Neroli, orange blossom oil comes from the flower of an orange tree and was used by ancient Egyptians to treat the mind, body, and soul.  It was thought to relax the mind and calm fears about the future, helping your thoughts stay on the present moment.
Candlefish Library: No. 44
Candlefish Library: No. 45
O’Douds: Solid Cologne


6. Oakmoss

For those of you that go for more of an earthy scented candle, try something with notes of cooling oakmoss. A type of moss or lichen growing on oak trees, oakmoss oil is extracted from the moss for medicinal and aroma therapeutic purposes. As a fragrance, oakmoss is  used as a natural stress reliever and antidepressant, giving you a feeling of peace and relaxation. Sounds good just thinking about it, huh?
Clark and Dumbo: Oakmoss
Mac Bailey: Oakmoss and Amber Concrete
PF Candle Co: Nightshade


7. Rose

Our final favorite scent for those of you looking for a mood booster is rose. This classic floral has many variations and is found in lots of candle blends. And good thing because it is also a natural anti-depressant and spirit lifter. Looking for feelings of joy and some peace of mind? Try a few of these lovely rose infused products and brighten up your day:
Woodlot: Calming Spray
Mer Sea: Kismet Bisque
Spitfire Girl: Andromeda Candle


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