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Questions with a Maker: Boy Smells

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Boy Smells



What do you make?
Candles that smell. 


Tell us about a day in the life of you!
We wake up, get some coffee or green tea in our bodies, then start checking emails, making sure we are in communication with the world. Then we start working! Making candles, shipping orders, talking with our customers and stores.
At night, we Amazon video and chill. 


What's unique about your process?
This is how we approach scent 
We like to take the traditional and familiar, then reimagine them with the modern and unexpected. 

If a candle fragrance described your personality, what would it be and why?
Matthew's candle is Gardener: an unusual mix that despite all odds, creates a breath of fresh air. 
David's scent is Ash: dry, to the point, but with a sense of humor. 


What images, people places and things inspire you?
Locations, memories, and modernity inspire us.  Lanai was created from Matthew's childhood visits to his grandparents in Hawaii.  Classic tropical, sandy beach fragrances, but mixed with his current obsessions of pink peppercorn and clove.  
We also just returned from the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love in Marfa, TX.  The dry, but beautiful landscape mixed with the creative culture of its residents has us concocting a new candle as we speak.


Where do you live? What are your favorite things about your surroundings?
We live in the Pico-Union District of Los Angeles.  
It's a bright and vibrant community; a neighborhood filled with turn of the century designed architecture, including our own home.   We stripped down our 1909 bungalow, keeping everything we loved, and filling in the blanks with clean modernity.
Share one thing about being a maker that might surprise people. 
Our hair is always looking good because we constantly get coconut wax in it!





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