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Questions with a Chandler: Hannah

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Meet Hannah, our rockstar General Manager from Candlefish Atlanta. 


1. Tell us about a day in the life of you
I love quiet, easy mornings with my journal and a warm cup of coffee. It's the perfect time to reflect and kick start the day (disclaimer: I'm typically 5 minutes late for work everyday)! You will most likely find me in Candlefish or Ponce City Market, since I live right across the street. Outside of candle-making you can find me de-stressing on my yoga mat, treasure hunting in a thrift store, or exploring the outdoors!


2. Most underrated restaurant in Atlanta
Outside of Ponce City Market, I have not explored many restaurants. Help an Atlanta newbie out with some recommendations!


3. Go-to Library Fragrance
I thought I hated floral fragrances, but I will light No. 71 until the day I die. It's soft, floral, luxurious, and pairs great with a glass of wine & a bubble bath! I'm also obsessed with No. 92, which we like to call "Sexy Man" … also pairs well with a bubble bath and a glass of wine ;)


4. Most likely to...
Butcher common everyday phrases!


5. Share one thing about being a chandler that's most surprising
The way fragrances can almost immediately spark a specific memory from your past!


6. Best advice you've ever received
Don't go to graduate school. I've been making candles and loving life ever since :)


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