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Five Things to Know about the Candlefish Library

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By Cat Brantley

It’s our goal here at Candlefish to provide a memorable, fun, and “nose-opening” experience for every single candle lovin’ customer. Part of enjoying the experience is making you feel right at home exploring our Library of candles so you can discover your favorite scents with ease. Read on for our top 5 favorite things to reveal about the Library, and feel like a pro next time you are browsing the options.    


100 Fragrances, Numbered 1–100

Yes, you read that right! First and foremost, the Library features 100 candle fragrances, all unique to Candlefish. Instead of naming each fragrance based on it’s scent notes, we give each candle a number (#1–100), then stamp said number on the label. This helps you better identify the fragrances you like based solely on how it smells, instead of being steered away because of something you read. You know the old phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well we think that applies to candles, too!

Curious what you are smelling? Ask a chandler, browse through the leather-bound Library book, or browse online by candle number or fragrance family.  

Library Cards

We agree, 100 candles is a lot of options! How do you keep track? With a library card, that’s how! The first time you visit the library, be sure to start a library card. This will help you keep track of the candle numbers you like and don’t like as you browse. We suggest circling the number you like, and marking an X over the numbers you don’t. A chandler can then decipher your card, suggest similar options, and also file your card at the Library for next time. Ain’t that just peachy?

The Cloche


Another helpful tip is how to use the “cloche” that tops each of our candles on display. Also called a “bell jar”, this handy dome shaped glass cover is not only a great way to keep dust away, it also captures the candle’s fragrance and provides a great way to test out the candle’s scent. You can of course smell the top of the candle while browsing, but smelling the inside of the cloche better represents how the candle will smell while it’s burning. And you also look super official using it, bonus!

Nine Fragrance Families

As you can imagine, picking the options for the Library 100 was no easy task. There are thousands upon thousands of fragrance options out there, so to be sure we were offering the best variety, we chose nine fragrance “families” and created 9–10 options for each in candle form. This way the Library has a perfect variety of all the types of fragrances you love. Think citrus, woodsy, water fresh, floral, and more. Check them all out on our fragrance family page.

Two Sizes

All 100 Library fragrances are offered in two sizes, each hand poured in-store in the workshop:  

9 oz. jar

2.5 oz. travel tin

Ready to take one home? Ask a chandler, and we’ll set you right up with the candle you are looking for.

Can’t decide on a fragrance? The 2.5 oz. travel tin is not only great for giving, it’s also an excellent way to test out a few fragrances when you just can’t pick one. See those drawers in front of the Library cart? Those are filled with tins! Yahoo!

We hope these tips have made you feel closer to that expert chandler status you’ve been aiming for. Now come see us in the shop and show off your new skills!


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