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Chandler Cat: Candle Care 101

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Meet Chandler Cat, 

Cat is our workshop queen here at the candle shop. Her wicks are always centered, her fragrance is perfectly blended and her pouring hand is steady. 

Describe a day in the life of Cat:

When I'm not at the shop, you can usually find me walking my pup on Sullivan's, getting creative in my mini studio/guest room, or sipping a glass of wine with friends at one of our cities many fine establishments. 


What is your favorite scent from the Library?

Gotta be No. 68, it's got all of my favorite things: woodsy notes of cedar and vetiver plus fresh green citrus to top it off. 


Favorite Brand right now?

My absolute favorite candle in the store is ROAM New York, if you love amber notes and woodsy candles you will LOVE this one! Plus it's quite a powerhouse of fragrance for a smaller sized candle. 


When it comes to candle troubles, Chandler Cat has the answers. 

We asked her what her favorite candle care tips were and she gave us her top 4. 

  • Tip #1: Avoid tunneling: My absolute favorite candle care tip has to do with how long you allow your candle to burn. You know that little pool of melted wax that occurs when you light your candle? Always allow that melt pool to reach all the way to the edge of your candle vessel every time you light it, and don't blow the candle out until the entire top of the candle is liquid wax. Your candles will last longer and your candle won't tunnel! 

  • Tip #2: Keep your candle wick healthy: Always trim your wick to a 1/4 inch before lighting. If a wick is too long, it may split at the top and leave a mess in your candle wax. A short wick does a great job at creating the pool of melted wax (which is where the fragrance comes from), and a wick that is too long simply burns your candle faster then necessary.

  • Tip #3: Designate a candle cabinet: Where you store your candles when you aren't burning them is important. Keep them out of sunlight (UV rays can discolor scented candles) and in a cool, dark spot. I've got a particularly delicious smelling cabinet where I keep my back-up candles out of dust, sunlight, and husbands who don't follow candle care protocol. 

  • Tip #4: Reuse that vessel: Once your candle burns down to about 1/2 inch from the bottom, it's time to clean it out and find a new purpose for it. Soy wax cleans out easily with hot water and dish soap, or put your candle in the freezer until the wax hardens and you can break it out. I like to repurpose our 9oz glass jars to house make-up brushes and pens, and the travel tins are super cute as a small succulent holder or as a travel case for stud earrings.  Many candle vessels can also be washed out, ran through the dishwasher, and used for iced tea or your favorite bourbon on the rocks. 

You heard it here first folks! Follow these tips and you are sure to have longer lasting, happier candles.



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